Arizona Veterans Legislation Proposals 2022

- January 28, 2022

2022 Veterans Proposals include Tuition Waiver, Property Tax Exemptions

This year we will not be reviewing last year’s veteran related bills that passed and will instead focus on proposals for this year. We hope to pick up with passed bills again next year.

For our research, we use a general search of veteran related legislation, we hope it is exhaustive but it may be missing some pieces of legislation and new legislation may come up later that would add. Please feel free to send any information along to our office, we searched at the following link:

If you’d like to submit comments, speak at a committee meeting, or give an up or down vote on whether you support legislation or not, Arizona offers the Request to Speak (RTS) system. You can find out how to register at the following link:

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HB2320 veterans’ organization; leased property; classification

Introduced by John Kavanagh
Class Nine Property – Exempts properties that are owned or leased to Veteran’s service organizations so long as they are leased for veterans’ service organizations.

SCR 1009 Property Tax Exemption; veterans; disabilities;

Introduced by Wendy Rogers
Exempts property taxes for veterans or surviving spouse of veterans with 100% disability or legally blind.

SB1061 Army Scholarship Special Plates;

Introduced by Leach and Borrelli
Creates a law that allows for a donation of $32,000 by December 31, 2022, which would be followed by the establishment of a plate to be designed by the donor that would be available for a scholarship fund.

HB2354 tuition; family; post-traumatic stress; suicide;

Introduced by Biassiucci, Burges, Carter, Martinez, Pingerelli, Toma, Wilmeth, Livingston
Provides tuition free education to the children or spouses of veterans and first responders deemed to have a post-traumatic stress injury and provides standards for such.

HB2062 military; purple heart; VLT exemptions;

Introduced by Blackman
Adds a Vehicle license tax exemption for veterans with less than a 100% service connected disability rating so long as the veteran was honorably discharged, had a purple heart, is over 30% service connected, and presents documentation establishing such.

SB1040 G&F; Veterans; hunting; fishing; licenses;

Introduced by Wendy Rogers
Gives veterans who have a complementary license the ability to transfer a permit or tag to a person assisting the taking of wildlife on behalf of the veteran as the veteran’s proxy. Creates paragraph that would allow for a reduced fee license for hunting and fishing for veterans and nonresident licenses for the same fee as a resident license to a veteran or military member who is not a resident of this state.

HB2468 veteran housing; unclaimed property locators;

Introduced by Carroll; Diaz, Kaiser, Martinez, Nguyen
Creates a trust fund to be used for various veterans’ housing projects and instructions on how the monies should be used. It’s attached to unrelated items, unclaimed property locators.

HB2454 statutory conformity; property tax exemptions;

Introduced by Carter, Blackman, Dunn, Biassiuci, Fillmore, Finchem, Kaiser, Kavanagh, Martinez, Wilmeth
A bill that raises the threshold at which disabled veterans may receive tax exemptions, raises the income threshold and valuation thresholds so that more veterans should see an exemption.

SB1095 property tax exemptions; statutory conformity;

Introduced by Mesnard, Leach
A bill that raises the threshold at which disabled veterans may receive tax exemptions, raises the income threshold and valuation thresholds so that more veterans should see an exemption.

SB1059 veterans, surviving spouses; government parking;

Introduced by Rogers
Directs that each state agency having jurisdiction over street parking or a publicly owned and operated parking facility shall provide for designated parking for veterans.

SB1115 in-state student status; veterans;

Introduced by Borrelli
The bill would remove the restriction currently in place regarding veterans trying to obtain in state tuition: instead of veterans being required to enroll within three years of discharge, they would be allowed to obtain in state tuition whether or not they enrolled within three years.

HB2496 student activity fees; conscience exemption;

Introduced by Hoffman, Barton, Blackman, Burges, Carroll, Carter, Chaplik, Fillmore, Griffin, Kaiser, Kavanagh, Martinez, Nguyen, Parker, Pingerelli, Toma, Wilmeth
The bill would make it so that no veteran who recently returned from service at a university or community college governed by the board of regents school would be required to pay for a student activity fee.

HCR2017 constitutional property tax exemptions; consolidation;

Introduced by Carter, Biasiucci, Blackman, Fillmore, Finchem, Kaiser, Kavanagh, Martinez, Wilmeth
If passed, would send a proposition to voters that would allow the legislature to exempt the property of persons with disabilities or veterans with disabilities from taxation.

SB1140 tribal nations; veterans’ services; appropriation;

Introduced by Hatathlie, Bowie and Jermaine
The bill would appropriate 2,200,000 and 20 FTE positions for fiscal year 2022-2023 to hire veteran service officers to provide services in rural tribal nations in this state that have communities located more than one hundred miles from the nears U.S. Department of Veterans affairs service center.

SB1124 concealed weapons permit; fee; applications;

Introduced by Rogers
The bill would require that the director of the department not charge an initial fee or renewal application fee for concealed weapons permit to a person who has been a resident for a year prior to the application and who is active duty, a veteran with honorable discharge or general under honorable conditions, or is a current or retired peace officer.

SCR 1011 constitutional property tax exemptions;

Introduced by Mesnard, Leach
If passed, would send a proposition to voters that would allow the legislature to exempt the property of persons with disabilities or veterans with disabilities from taxation.

SB1034 veterans; disabilities; property tax exemption;

Introduced by Rogers
Would make it so that exemptions possible in Arizona Constitution Article IX, Section 2.4, Constitution of Arizona, are not subject to the income limits stated in Section 42-11111.

HB2610 G&F; permits; tags; transfers;

Introduced by Burges, Blackman, Carter, Chaplik, Cook, Fillmore, Finchem, Kaiser, Martinez, Parker, Payne, Pingerelli, Townsend, Livingston, Wilmeth
Allows the transfer of tags to organizations or for use by a Gold star child, or disabled veterans.

SB1170 G&F; tags; permits; transfers; refunds

Introduced by Gowan
Allows transfer of big game permit or tag to a minor child whose parent was killed in action in the armed forces, as a peace officer, or as a firefighter and allows the commission to give refunds for active duty members, peace officers, and firefighters in certain situations.

SB1131 empowerment scholarship accounts; qualified students;

Introduced by Rogers.
The bill would expand empowerment scholarship accounts to children of veterans, children of first responders, children of health professionals who are employed full time and provide direct patient care.

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